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Please Read Before Joining

:community: Welcome to Roleplay Republic! :community:

:airborne: :airborne: :airborne:

Roleplay situations are submitted weekly. Members are free to create their own. :#1:

:bulletred: JOINING POLICIES :bulletred:
-When you join, please insert your fandom and your character.
(For now, you may only Roleplay with ONE character.)
-Unfortunately, if you do not specify your fandom and/or character, you will not be allowed to join.

:bulletorange: CODE OF CONDUCT :bulletorange:
-No flaming. :stupid:
-Respect other deviants AND their fandoms/opinions. This is NOT a hate group. :bonk:
-Please resort to MILD profanity only.
-1-2 violations of any rule will result in a warning. If you violate the rules three times, you will not be allowed in the group anymore.

:gallery: :gallery: :gallery: :gallery:
:bulletyellow: SUBMISSION POLICIES :bulletyellow:
-No inappropriate submissions (including pornography, overly sexual themes, extreme gore... etc.) :censored:
-Submissions must be quality work.
-If you do not submit to the right folder, your deviation will be rejected.
-Any FANDOM related art (can be any fandom, regardless) is allowed. Non-Fandom related submissions will be rejected.
-OCs, fanfictions and crossovers

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on our homepage!

Thank you!

Your Founder,

:squee: :squee: :squee:

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Group Info

Any character. Any fandom.

If your fandom is not on the list, please comment so it can be added.

Adventure Time
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Artemis Fowl
Assassins Creed
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avengers, The (Marvel in general)
Back to the Future.
Bandom (inclusive)
Being Human
Big Bang Theory
Broadway / Musical
Cabin Pressure
Chronicles Of Narnia
Classic Rock
Code Lyoko
Creatures, The
Criminal Minds
D-Gray Man
Dance Moms
Dead Space
Devil May Cry
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Dr. Suess (The Lorax etc)
Fairy Tail
Fantastic Foursome
Final Fantasy
Fullmetal Alchemist
Game Of Thrones
Good Omens
Gossip Girl
Gravity Falls
Harry Potter
Hawaii Five-0
Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy
Hunger Games, The
Kingdom Hearts
Left 4 Dead
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Mass Effect
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Young Justice
Youtube (nerdfighters, smoshers, coollikers etc)
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May 14, 2015


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Original Rp's

Please read my rules before ask me to Rp with you. Give me a note please because I miss sometimes the comment on the journals :)

My rules

• No RP's against the laws or with fetish, age difference, incest, etc...All that is prohibed.

• No god mod (don't kill my OC(s) or made them moving)

• I mostly do Rp's romantic as you could see, if you do not like that then I'm not a partner for you.

• If you play one of my idea for me, then I can play one of your starter/idea for you (as long it is no weird and you respect my rules as I respect yours.)

• Rating can be discussed.

• I'm not good with english so... Don't be rude.

• I don't do yuri and yaoi, sorry.

• I don't play animals/ferals.

• If I see you don't respect my rules/requests I'll abandon the RP.

• If you start a RP be sure to be fair and serious as I'm and not abandon the games after two days, I think you don't want I drop a RP as I don't want you abandon the RP.

Romance - Sample RP

1. Modern- Foreign woman (My oc) x Japanese male ( Your Oc)

My Oc is a french geek woman a bit switch girl, adult and going in Japan with her boss. The female work in a video game shop in her country and she go in Japan for some vacations but it can't understand very good the Japanese language and so she get lost in Tokyo. Your Oc ( the Japanese male) and her met each others by chance or maybe he was his penpal and met her in the town.

2. Modern- Human woman x Evil/yandere doll man sized (your Oc)

My Oc is full of phobias and night terror, her friend gave her a doll. The doll (your oc) have the same size than a human male and are alive. He was created for be the perfect lover by a witch a century ago but in fact it is a yandere obsessed by his owner and a cold killer with the other men.

3. Modern/medieval fantasy - Human woman ( my oc) x a magical creature (your oc) (ex: elf, drow, shapeshifter, etc...)

My character finds herself teleported into a magical fantasy world after an accident (ex: trapped in a video game, accident of car, boat etc ...) it will end up trapped in this world and be chased by a man (your oc) who wants to capture it because it is' exotic and strange 'or a nice guy (your Oc) who'll try to protect,  it depends if you prefer to play an evil character or kind.

4. Modern - Human woman (my oc) x Yandere male :

a. My character is a woman close to being homeless, and saw an advert on internet that offers to rent a room for almost nothing. The problem is that the room is located in a mansion, rich and luxurious. In addiction the owner was very to gentle in the last phone call. What is the catch?

b. My woman Oc help your Oc as he was homeless or hurted and he was pretty obsessed being a stalker.

c. Your rich Oc buy mine at a slave shop, being nice in appareance.

d. Your Oc are the colleague of mine at work and was near to be fired but my Oc save his job then it fall in love with her but she had already a boyfriend.

e. Your Oc are a creature or a monster ( Dridder, ghost, demon, dark doll, dark elve, dark fairie, anthro, etc) who chase her after her visit in a abandoned house or a trip on a creepy place ( forest, etc...) and follow her as a stalker, but it don't know your exist really she think your visit at night is just nightmares.

5. Modern - Human woman x Mershark man (your Oc):

I'm looking for someone who would agree to play a mermaid man who would fall in love with a French woman who are a tourist would be bathed on the sea when the night was fall, he had see her as he loves coming near the beach the night. This is the first time that he saw a human, though it would be a kind of shark-mermaid and have a predator instinct, his idea is to capture the young woman at her next swim.

6. Modern - Woman (my Oc ) x Male actor (your oc):

An actor has to stop his career for health reasons, he have 36 years and made a big depression. His series has become a fiasco so he stop making series / horror films. My woman oc has decided to go to America to meet her idol, stupid dream of a fangirl ?

7. Human woman x Vampire male (your oc):

My character is a French noblewoman from a wealthy family. However, she is rebellious and parents desperate to find a husband for her. Until a Lord comes, he is dark, he is strange and accepts to marry until night fall. The period is located in the 1700 My partner should be a vampire (male).

8. Farwest - Foreign woman x Idian male (your oc):

I look for someone wanting to play an Indian male in Wild West period. I would play a woman settler at the time, it would be captured by an Indian in an attack of care. She would try to coax him to not end scalping, her passion for horses and exotic will help for her life and they will became to have a crush.

9. Modern or other time - Human woman x cursed creature (your oc):

My character is the heiress of a rich, powerful and cruel family, but it is not evil as the others members of his family. One day her mother has dismiss an employee, a sick old lady who needed her poor salary to survive. This lady died and her daughter who was a friend of my character, has cursed my OC for take a revenge. She given to my oc a kind of voodoo relic. Therefore a humanoid monster follow my character like a shadow.

10. Modern/medieval fantasy - Human woman x creature male (your oc):

A wizard banned a ennemy (it can be an elf, a drow, a dragon, another human mage, a warrior human, or some other specie.) In a parallel world, a world  modern ... whitout magic, our world. My character (a woman) was surprised to discover in her living room a strange man, your character.

11. Modern - Human woman x Ghost male (your Oc):

My oc would have inherited her grandfather a mansion, he wanted her dear little daughter can have a house as he knew she was many problems with the life. Then it's a big last gift, a boon because she being unemployed and the time is precious before she will loose her appartment and was forced to live on street.

She quickly accepted the poisoned gift, with the mansion Viky inheriting enough money to live comfortably the rest of her life. Just a "gift" like that always hides something is not it? Indeed, the mansion is full of paranormal phenomena, including the ghost of a young man who'll make her life hell. The poor woman being stuffed with phobias by nature and the ghost on the house not help her. She did not suspect that the ghost have a crush with her.

Romance - Triangles/Multi Oc's

12. Harem - Human woman x Harem of men (creatures) (your oc's):

My Oc are the same than the one in the idea 2. There she inherited a haunted manor from her grandparents. But the manor are full of men (creatures), but she don't know about them or even that the monsters exist.

13. Arranged marriage - Human woman (my Oc) x evil/yandere husband x kind lover:

a. Modern - My character has borrowed a lot of money to your character to start a business and as it can not repay your oc offers to arrange a marriage with him, if she don't want having problems with a bailiff.

b. Other time - My character is obliged to marry a man she don't like and she is in love with the groomer of the stable.

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